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Nikka Japan and Nihon Parawood

Pioneers of rubber wood furniture

About us

 We are the pioneer of rubber wood furniture who studied and invented the treatment method of cut-down rubber wood at the end of the latex production cycle and succeeded in manufacturing rubber wood furniture for the first time in the history. Since then, we are recognized as the pioneer of rubber wood by distributing the best quality rubber wood furniture, such as dining chairs and tables, wagons, pole hangers, and racks as well as wooden parts, such as legs of chairs, tables, sofas, and stools for almost 50 years. 


Environmental friendly wood

Rubber wood (also called as parawood) products are environmental friendly since we are getting great use out of the plantation grown trees that have been cut down at the end of their latex-production cycle. However, they need special treatment to be reused as wooden furniture or other wooden products. We devoted in studying and developing the treatment methods to reuse these cut-down plantation trees after the latex production in Thailand in 1960's and 1970's, and started to produce rubber wood products for the first time in the world. In 1980's, we have received honors and rewards from both Thai and Japanese governments because of this innovation to the furniture industry and the contribution to the Thai economy.


We are a group of four companies: Nikka Japan Co., Ltd. and Nihon Parawood Co., Ltd. in Japan, and Nikka Parawood Co., Ltd. and Asia Parawood Co., Ltd. in Thailand. These two companies in Thailand manufacture wooden furniture and furniture parts that meet the strict Japanese quality and environmental standards and these two companies in Japan import and sell them to major Japanese furniture manufacturers, woodworking factories, and so on since 1970's. As we have a history of producing rubber wood furniture longer than any other furniture factory in the world, we have deep experience in choosing the most suitable material rubber wood for the furniture to always satisfy our clients.

Nikka Japan Co., Ltd.
Nihon Parawood Co., Ltd.

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28 Nakadori-nishi Higashi-itsushiro,
Ichinomiya, Aichi, Japan

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